A Day Off

It was supposed to be your day off.

Report of an accident. You run to the rig. Multiple injuries.

You can hear it in the dispatcher’s voice. Extrication needed. Your heart skips a beat.

Buckle up. You roll out of the station. Lights flashing. Sirens wailing. Why won’t traffic move out of our way?

22x72 Bow Banner EMS1Twisted metal. Steam and smoke in the air. Debris scattered everywhere.

The driver’s trapped. Get the Jaws. Take command.

Calm the patient. Let’s get some vitals.

Cut the windshield. Pry the door. Remove the roof.

Carefully now. Don’t move them any more than you have to. That’s it.

Splint the leg. Bandage that cut. Start the IV. Load the patients. They’re going to be fine.

The chopper is airborne. Pack up our tools. Get traffic moving. The trauma team is waiting. Just like clockwork. Great team effort.

It’s just making rescues and saving lives.
What’s so difficult?

Anyone can be a spectator.




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