CFR: Certified First Responder

The role of the Certified First Responder (CFR) is to be the first tier of the EMS system and to provide initial assessment and resuscitative care with limited equipment until Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support arrives. While most first responders have this role in common, any additional knowledge and skill they may need depends on their environment and role in the local EMS system. The CFR course is only intended for individuals who provide short term resuscitative care, prior to the arrival of an ambulance, and do not have the need to “package” patients for transportation. It is recognized, however, that CFR training is a useful introductory program for new ambulance personnel. This curriculum is not designed, and must not be used, as a “bridging” to the EMT level. Course Length The emphasis of CFR training should be the competence of the graduate, not the amount of time spent educating them. The time involved in educating a CFR to an acceptable level of competence depends on many individual variables. The length of the CFR Original course will vary according to a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • CFRWIN-2TStudent’s basic academic skills competence
  • Faculty-to-student ratio
  • Student’s motivation levels
  • The student’s prior emergency/health care experience
  • Prior academic achievements of the students
  • Academic resource availability
  • Quality of the overall educational program

Individual student needs may require additional time to be added during the course so the student can successfully achieve course completion. The Course Sponsor should develop learning contracts with these students who require additional time or laboratory sessions to successfully complete the course. However, the course must meet the minimum hours to complete each lesson and module, but the total course hours must not exceed 51, which are bound by NYS regulation. A sample CFR original course schedule has been provided with this curriculum.

Download the CFR Curricullum Intro for more information.